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Expat Interview: The End of a Relationship and a Whole New Beginning

Today we meet Trina Cooper, a Canadian expat with a chequered history who has experienced all the highs, lows and uncertainties associated with life as a trailing spouse…. Read More

A Comprehensive Expat Guide to Starting a Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest financial centers and the city attracts foreigners in their droves who are in aspire to start their own business and take advantage…. Read More

Expat Interview: China Scratched

Today we meet Christine Surlien an expat from Norway who has had some truly unique experiences living in China and the USA. In this fascinating interview she shares…. Read More

An Expat’s Guide to Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

Holidays can be a difficult time for expatriates, especially when you know you’re family are tucking in to a turkey with all the trimmings while you are faced with xxx…. Read More

[Infographic] The Best Places to Live and Work in 2012

In a recent survey that was published as part of the Expat Explorer series, HSBC revealed the 10 best to live and work in for 2012: Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates…. Read More

Cost of Living: Singapore Versus Hong Kong [Infographic]

Singapore and Hong Kong frequently battle it out to attract expatriates that can assist economic growth and create world-class cities and try many ways try to outperform…. Read More

Five Reasons You May Want to Live in Hong Kong

Hong Kong really is one of the safest places in the world. Although Singapore often springs to mind as an Asian city that offers expats a life that is free from crime and hassle…. Read More

8 Great Cities for Vegetarian Expats

As more and more people start to recognize the importance of healthy eating the number of vegetarian restaurants throughout the world is growing on a daily basis…. Read More

Expat Interview : Life After Repatriation

Many expatriates find that their time overseas has a significant impact on their outlook on life and that sampling life living among people from different cultural…. Read More

The Best Places in the World in Which to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2011

This New Year’s Eve, when the clock strikes midnight, expatriates throughout the world will celebrate the arrival of 2012. Here’s our lowdown on the best places in our top…. Read More

Expat Interviews : A Year in China

In the latest installment in our expat interview series we talked to Doris Gallan, a Canadian expatriate who immigrated to the USA in 1998 and then lived in Mexico (2008-09)…. Read More

8 Useful Apps for Expats Living in Hong Kong

Smartphone applications offer expatriates a great way to navigate a new country. If you’re looking to find your way around, locate an ideal restaurant for dinner or…. Read More

9 Expat Rules For Living in Asia

Thinking of moving to Asia? Here’s 9 basic rules that you should master before you go. *Disclaimer: This is proposed as a light-hearted, fun article and is not intended…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai: Lessons I have learned

Adventures of a Tai Tai : Lessons I have learned So life is pretty much back to normal here in Singapore. My husband has started his new job and I am fully back into my…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai: Snowmageddon

Adventures of a Tai Tai: Snowmageddon? After spending last Christmas in Hong Kong my husband and I were really looking forward to a Christmas at home in the…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai: A Comprehensive Guide to the Brits

After several months of reading my blog, my husband pointed out to me that I have spent a great deal of time critiquing the culture and behavior of my hosts and…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai- ‘Tis the Season

As I sit on my balcony in the warm December sunshine, I realize how lucky I am to be living in Asia. My thoughts inevitably turn homewards to my family and friends who…. Read More

The Definitive Guide to Expat Types from a Tai Tai Expat

After living here in Hong Kong for two and a half years I have now reached the conclusion that you cannot really consider all expats to be the same. Although Tai Tai…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai : You are What you Eat?

I have lived as an expat in Hong Kong for over two years now and it was only yesterday that I found out exactly what Bird’s Nest Soup was. Since arriving here I have…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai: The Expat’s Dilemma

One of the most common expat’s dilemma that expats face concerns what to do with annual leave. How should you spend your time off work? Should you save it for…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai: Maid in Hong Kong

Weekly musings of an expat wife One thing that my non-expat friends find quite interesting is the concept of having a maid. Here in Hong Kong, and in many popular expat…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai: Hong Kong Summer is Over!

So the long sweltering heat of the Hong Kong summer is behind us and the pleasant temperatures and dry clear skies of Autumn are upon us. In fact, ask any expat in Hong…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai: One too many expat events

They say that one of the biggest issues expats face is alcoholism and as I sit here fighting the urge to and join my friends for a glass of wine in the sun at three in the afternoon…. Read More

Musings on Expats on Fitting in with the Locals

An obsession with the avoidance of catching any type of flu or cold. Gratuitous disinfection is the order of the day and I often notice the receptionists in my apartment building…. Read More

Taking Pets Abroad

Taking Pets Abroad Taking pets abroad is not something you should do without detailed planning and careful consideration. Depending on which country you are…. Read More

Finding a Job Overseas – Musings from an Expat in Hong Kong

Finding a Job Overseas Life as an expat is not all fun and games and there does ultimately come a day when you find that the excitement of moving abroad has died down…. Read More

Planning Ahead to Become an Expat in Asia

Become an Expat in Asia A question I frequently get asked is, “how did you find yourself living in Hong Kong?” In our case, it was quite simple. Having travelled frequently in the…. Read More

Adventures of a Tai Tai: Weekly musings of an Expat wife in Hong Kong

Expat wife in Hong Kong So here it is, my first (and hopefully not last) blog. When I was asked to write a weekly blog about life as an expat wife in Hong Kong for the…. Read More