Hong Kong preview


Hong Kong is a world renowned ‘foodie’ destination that is home to a populace that has a seeming insatiable appetite for good food. Most Hong Kongers ‘know’ their food and are well acquainted with the latest trends in the culinary world. A measure of this passion can be gauged from the fact that, at a recent food event organized by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which featured uber-chef Thomas Keller of French Laundry and Per Se restaurants fame, tickets sold out weeks in advance even though the price for this eleven course meal with wine pairings was a whopping $5888 + 10% tax or US $800.

However, Hong Kong is not solely the domain of high end restaurants and luxe dining. The city offers a wide variety of dining establishments that range from open air street side stalls which are commonly referred to as Dai Pai Dongs and old world Chinese diners known as Cha Chaan Teng that offer indigenous eats alongside Hong Kong interpretations of Western food to Michelin starred high-end dining temples that usually feature world renowned chefs. Hong Kong, in fact, has a well developed dining-out culture and even though people do like to cook at home, they also like to frequently escape from their tiny kitchens.

The Chinese food that is available in Hong Kong differs greatly from what passes for ‘…

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