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ECA International releases the most expensive cities for expatriates in 2013

Last week ECA International released their 2013 report highlighting the most expensive cities for expatriates around the world. Due to a weakened Yen Tokyo, Japan…. Read More

As rents fall in Hong Kong and Singapore a housing shortage causes rents to rise in Bangkok

Expats in Hong Kong and Singapore are able to breathe a small sigh of relief as rents at the top end of the market finally seem to be dropping, if only a small amount…. Read More

UAE based expats like to live it up

Recent research produced by the insurance group Standard Life has found that the majority western expats based in the UAE tend to spend part of their income on…. Read More

World’s Most Expensive Cities for Expats 2013 Revealed

Luanda has overtaken Tokyo in Mercer’s 2013 list of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live. Mercer’s annual cost of living survey was published…. Read More

Expats Throughout the World Face Higher Rental Prices

Rental costs in cities throughout the world are on the rise again as expat executives increase demand for rental properties. New research by residential and…. Read More

Australia Named the Most Expensive Country in the World to Study Overseas

Australia is an Expensive Study Destination August 2013 Australia is New research has indicated that Australia is the most expensive city in the world in which…. Read More

Where is the Most Expensive Place in the World to Rent Business Premises

Recent research indicates that Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world in which to establish a business or relocate a small organization. The World Cities…. Read More

The Cost of Luxury in The World’s Top Expat Destinations

The results of a recent survey provide an indication of the price expats can expect to pay for a luxurious lifestyle in popular expat destinations throughout the world…. Read More

Expat Rental Costs Soar in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been named as the most expensive city in the world for expat renters, according to new research. Data provided by international ECA International…. Read More

Property Prices in Asia Expected to Increase

Expatriates living in Asia can expect property prices to become even higher according to international property experts Knight Frank. Recent research into property…. Read More

Bankers Who Want to Work in Asia Need to Learn Mandarin

Bankers who wish to relocate to Asia will need to start learning Mandarin if they want to land a job, according to a prominent financial services headhunter…. Read More

New Research Reveals That Asia has the Wealthiest Expats

The latest expat research from HSBC indicates that the wealthiest expats in the world are located in Singapore. According to the fifth Expat Explorer…. Read More

Hong Kong expats pay the highest residential costs in the world

Recent research has revealed that Hong Kong continues to be one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live, with residential property…. Read More

Where Are the Highest Paid Expats in Asia

Expatriates living in Hong Kong are being paid less than their counterparts in Japan, India and South Korea a research report that was published yesterday…. Read More

Expats Continue to Flock to Hong Kong

Record numbers of work visa were issued to expats last year under Hong Kong’s General Employment Scheme according to figures from the Immigration…. Read More

China is the Top Destination for Global Business Relocation

Employee mobility remains essential for companies that wish to compete on a worldwide scale but in recent years the ways in which companies are deploying…. Read More

Singapore is Named the Most Livable City in Asia

A new research study suggests that Singapore is the best city in the world for Asian expatriates. ECA International revealed their annual rankings of Asia’s most…. Read More

British Expats Seek Success in the East

British expatriates are turning their backs on Europe and the U.S. and looking to the East for success according to recent research. The Fifth annual NatWest…. Read More

Are Expat Jobs in Asia Becoming Extinct

Are expats in Asia a thing of the past? If recruitment experts in Asia are to be believed, many Western companies in Asia are now looking to fill key roles…. Read More

Hong Kong English Language Schools Shortage Deters Expats

A shortage of high-quality English language schools in Hong Kong is placing the city’s reputation as an ideal expat destination at risk according to parents and…. Read More

Expats in Hong Kong Pay the Highest Rent in The World

Hong Kong has yet again been named as the most expensive city in the world to rent a property according to a study by human resource consultant ECA. Increases in the…. Read More

Japan’s Cost of Living Remains the Highest in Asia

Expatriates who are based in Japan continue to face a high cost of living as a result of sharp rises in the value of the yen a global survey revealed last week. According…. Read More

Are Hong Kong Expats Struggling for Cash

Recent research by human resource management firm ECA has revealed that expatriates in Japan have the highest take-home salaries in the region, with an expat…. Read More

Working Abroad a Requisite for a Career in Finance

Experience of working abroad should be high on the agenda for individuals who wish to pursue a career in finance according to research that was published this…. Read More

Tokyo Remains The Most Expensive Expat Location Despite Falling Prices

British manpower resource distribution solution supplier, ECA International, have revealed that Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world for expatriates for…. Read More

Hong Kong Rushes Visa Applications for Expats from Japan

Hong Kong’s immigration personnel are taking steps to expedites visa applications for professionals looking to leave Japan in the wake of the earthquake and…. Read More

Expat Milkshake Murderer: Nancy Kissel Verdict Announced

A jury in a retrial at the Hong Kong high court has found Milkshake Murderer Nancy Kissel unanimously guilty of murder. Kissel, who was accused of…. Read More

Kissel Expat Murder Trial Continues

The trail of “milkshake murderer” Nancy Kissel has continued in Hong Kong this week and events in the courtroom have continued to attract great media…. Read More

The Best Places in the World to Bring up Children Named by HSBC

New research from HSBC Bank International has revealed that Belgium is the best place to raise children and the United Kingdom is the Worst. Over 4,100…. Read More

Is Hong Kong Losing its Expat Appeal

It appears that Hong Kong may not be the ideal expat destination that it once was with a number of recent reports indicating that the city is no longer attractive…. Read More

Top Ten Cities in the World for Air Pollution Named

According to online commentary website 24/7 Wall St, Beijing in China and New Delhi in India tie in joint first position as the cities in the world with the worse air…. Read More

Expats Welcome Tax Treaty Between Hong Kong and France

Expats in France and Hong Kong are celebrating the news that a double taxation treaty has been put in place between the two countries. The 46-page agreement…. Read More

“Milkshake Murderer.” Nancy Kissel Appeals For Case to be Dismissed

Nancy Kissel, or the Milkshake Murderer as she is frequently cited, is one of the most famous trailing spouses in the world right now and her conviction…. Read More

Worldwide rental prices survey published

Byblos Bank Group published their annual survey on worldwide rental prices yesterday and revealed that the most expensive place in the world in which to…. Read More

Expat’s census China: China expatriates to be surveyed for first time

Concerns were raised yesterday in response to the Chinese government’s plans to introduce an expat census for all expatriates living in China and its…. Read More

EuroCost publishes Worldwide Expat Rental City Ranking for 2010

EuroCost International, a Luxembourg based analytical firm that specializes in the cost of living for expatriates throughout the world, have released their…. Read More

Expats in Asia suffer from increased living expenses

Human resources firm, ECA International, have issued research findings that reveal Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world in which to live. Expatriates…. Read More

Monthly Expat Events: Asia

Monthly Expat Events: Asia A round up of some of the monthly events that take place throughout Asia. China: Ningbolife: COIC Foreign Expert Committee…. Read More

Hong Kong and Singapore become more attractive expat tax havens

Expatriate savers welcome announcements from the tax havens of Singapore and Hong Kong with recent compliance agreements making the Asian cities…. Read More

For finance pros, Asia expat life losing perks

Asia used to be the paradise of finance pro expatriates with skyrocketing housing allowance, paid-for chauffeurs, free memberships to exclusive golfs…. Read More