Pets Guide Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a thriving city where people live together in small apartments within heavily built up areas. For this reason it is not an ideal place to bring your pets. However, despite this, many people do choose to own animals in Hong Kong and both locals and expats keep a whole array of pets including dogs, cats, hamsters and fish.

When it comes to dogs, there are basically two types of people in Hong Kong; those who love them and those who hate them. At one point in the past it was suggested that dogs may have been responsible (in part) for the spread of SARS and although this has since been proven untrue, the legacy has remained to this day. As a result, you will come across people who run away when they see an approaching animal. In truth, Hong Kong is not a particularly dog-friendly city and the majority of public parks do not permit dogs on their grounds.

As an owner you need to get to know your area and find a suitable place to walk your dog, which is not always as easy as it seems. If you own a big dog, the heat and the cramped conditions mean that you really should think carefully before bringing him or her into Hong Kong.