Visa Registration Guide

Once a valid Hong Kong visa sticker has been issued this should be placed into the holder’s passport. The visa will be activated by customs and immigration upon entry into Hong Kong and no further registration is required. For information pertaining to the visa validity periods and renewal requirements, please refer to the “Extension” section.

While there is no registration, it is imperative that you get a Hong Kong identity card.

Application for a Hong Kong ID Card

All Hong Kong residents over the age of eleven are required to have an ID card. The Hong Kong resident identity cards are smart cards which can be read by electronic readers. Even before you arrive in Hong Kong, you can make an appointment to get your Hong Kong ID card. You can make this appointment 24 working days in advance of your arrival. This appointment is made online at the website of the immigration department. Alternatively, you can make an appointment booking on the phone through the 24-hour telephone appointment booking hotline: 2598 0888.

If you are a new arrival in Hong Kong you are required to apply for an ID card within 30 days of your arrival.

The appointment for an HK ID is usually held at your local Registration of Persons Office. The contact details are below:

You are required to present your passport and a completed ROP form to the appointment. There are two types of ROP form and they can be downloaded at the following links:

  • ROP1: Adults over the age of 18.
  • ROPR2: Individuals aged between 11 and 17.

You are required to fill out a separate form for each member of your family who have to have their own individual appointments and their own forms. Most of the staff employed at the Registered Persons office in Hong Kong speak and can understand English.

Once you are at the office your biometric information is taken for the card along with a photograph. After you have supplied your information you are given a receipt with a date for collection of your card. Your HK ID card is usually ready within 10 working days. You are generally expected to collect your HK ID in person but you can authorize someone in writing to collect the card for you. You don’t have to pay any fees for the issue of an HK ID but will have to pay for a replacement card if you lose / deface your original HK ID card.

You can read more about the process at

When you return to collect your card, you must verify that there are no mistakes in the spelling of your name or any other discrepancy.

Your HK ID usually remains valid as long as your work permit is valid, however once you have lived in Hong Kong for seven years continuously you can choose to apply for a permanent HK ID.