Health Insurance Coverage for Expats Living in Berlin & Germany

Germany has solid medical care administered by educated professionals in modern settings. Aesthetically, however, those who have not spent time in Europe might be put off by German hospital settings, which are often comprised of a series of small buildings arranged in a complex rather than one large structure.

Social Security

EU and European Economic Area member states have transferable social security agreements between countries, and this includes health insurance. If you are an EU citizen moving to Berlin, make sure to contact your home country’s social services bureau to get the forms you need in order to transfer your social security benefits to Germany. Benefits are transferable only if contributions have been made in one’s home country and you have worked at least 360 days over the last three years in your home country.

USA, Canada, and Australia have social security agreements with Germany allowing their citizens to make claims for benefits from their home country while working in Germany and are exempt from paying pension contributions in Germany. Your employer should file an application with the closest Krankenkasse.

Health Insurance for Berlin & Germany

In order to be eligible for your residency permit, you’ll have to prove you have health insurance.

In Germany, there are two forms of health insurance – public and private. Both are paid for by you and your employer, however, which one you are eligible to join is dependent on your income and contract. If you are being transferred to Berlin with your existing job, please check with your company about their policy regarding your health coverage while abroad.

Public health insurance is available to anyone earning under €48,000 per annum. The benefit to the public is that if you have an unemployed partner and/or children – they will be covered by your policy. This insurance will provide you with comprehensive cover (comparable to private cover).

For most expats, private health insurance is the only option. Private insurance requires personal underwriting and costs vary greatly depending on the package you select, your age and any previous medical issues. It is not unreasonable for a healthy man in his 30’s to pay around €150 a month. Most of the time, your company will have an agreement with an insurance company and you will choose and pay for the one that best suits you and your family’s needs.

If you will not be paying into company health insurance benefits while in Berlin, the following are some of your options for purchasing short-term health insurance specifically for overseas travel:

  1. Expat Financial is a specialist provider of global private health and related personal insurances, designed to provide not just the basic health cover, but also a wide range of benefits providing peace of mind for you, your family or your personnel:
  2. IMG has provided medical insurance to individuals, families and groups who are living or travelling abroad.
  3. Get a free international health insurance quote via! Our partner will get back to you with a few options for an online quote.