Berlin Pets Guide

Dogs seem to be everywhere in Berlin. They are allowed in cafes, shops, public transport, restaurants and bars. The only places they aren’t allowed are food stores and butchers, or where you see a small sign bearing a dog and the words ‘wir müssen leider draussen warten’ which translates to ‘unfortunately, we have to wait outside’.

Cats are popular also. In fact, statistics indicate that they are the pet of choice, however, you won’t find them on the streets. Cats in Berlin tend to be housebound.

Be sure to let your landlord know that you intend to keep a pet on the property. There shouldn’t be an issue with this, however, failure to disclose the fact could cause problems.

In line with the general cost of living in Berlin, caring for your pets is very affordable. All major supermarkets sell a range of pet-related products in addition to the numerous specialty pet stores located throughout the city.