Food Options in Berlin

Each region within Germany has its own traditional cuisines or local twist to nationwide dishes. Berlin’s food is based on pork, cabbage, and root vegetables. Sausages are everywhere; the most common are grilled sausage (Bratwurst) and boiled sausage (Bockwurst). These are usually served in a small bread roll with mustard and ketchup. A uniquely Berlin Bratwurst is called a Currywurst. This is a sausage served with a generous amount of ketchup and curry powder. Something you definitely must try when in Berlin.

Schnitzel, predominantly pork, can be eaten either as a meal with potatoes and vegetables or as a snack by itself or in a bread roll. Kraut, or cabbage as you would know it, is served in many different fashions. Sauerkraut is by far the most commonly known outside of Germany, which is eaten with meat and potatoes.

Asparagus is only eaten in season, which means for about 6 weeks of the year, you can purchase it everywhere – even on the side of the road. White asparagus must be peeled before cooking and at this time of year, it is not uncommon to find automatic asparagus peeling stations within shopping centers to peel your freshly purchased asparagus, free of charge. Generally, all types are served with potatoes and Hollandaise sauce.

Doner Kabas, influenced by the influx of Turkish immigrants post WWII, are practically on every street. You can choose from either lamb or chicken stuffed into Turkish pide bread with salad and herbs, spicy or garlic sauce.

Frühstück known as breakfast in English is a weekend ritual. Whether it is an endless all-day buffet brunch or a simple platter amongst friends and loved ones, Berliners know how to put on a spread. Typically you can expect fresh bread, various cuts of cured meat, smoked fish, cheeses, eggs, salad, fruit and yogurt.

An afternoon would not be complete without coffee and cake. In Berlin, you can find a magnificent array of different sweets on offer. Cherry (Kirsch) crumble cake is definitely a local favorite to try. Bread is the staple to every meal in Germany.