Berlin preview


Despite the fact that the German language does resemble English, for the majority of language students, German is the hardest of the Western European languages to learn. If you are a first-time learner of a foreign language, or if you have only studied Romance Languages, you might find it takes longer than you had anticipated to get up to speed in German.

However, learning as much of the language as you can in any foreign country in which you are living is always the best course of action. You’ll be able to make a wider circle of friends, and knocking down the language barrier is the single best way to overcome culture shock, homesickness and feelings of loneliness.

That being said, English is the unofficial, international language. Berlin is Germany’s capital and as such has plenty of native English speakers roaming its streets, as well as a considerable number of English-speaking Germans. Almost all major businesses have websites, telephone prompts and customer service representatives who speak crisp, clear English. Even some sho…