Health & Beauty Guide – Berlin

Fitness Centres

Gyms in Berlin vary greatly in style, price, equipment, and scene, so it’s best to take a good look at what is available in your area before joining. Contracts usually have a six-month minimum, and you can expect to pay much, much more for shorter contracts. Many gyms have multiple locations, and for an extra fee tacked onto your contract you can avail yourself of all the city’s locations.

Some decent centers are listed below, but keep an eye out for local independent places that might be more convenient or cheaper. A good place to check is (only in German).

Healthland – Fitness International
Behrenstr. 48, 10117 Berlin – Mitte, Tel: 20 63 53 00
No website, but has four locations and is used by the rich and famous of Berlin.

Fit Sportstudio
Richard-Wagner-Platz 5, 10585 Berlin – Charlottenburg | Tel: 342 65 02
No website, four locations as well, and English-speaking staff. Serious about working out, and not much of a social scene.



While you’re not going to find any courses within the city limits, the area’s golf courses are within easy driving and public transportation distance.

Berliner Golfclub Stolper Heide e.V.
Am Golfplatz 1
D-16540 Stolpe
Telephone +49 33 03 5 49-214
Small restaurant and changing rooms are available.



After football, tennis is the second most popular sport in Berlin with over a million members in the German Tennis Federation (

Public courts are widely available, both indoors and outdoors. Many sporting centers and health clubs will also have courts as part of their facilities.

Non-members will be expected to pay around €15 for a court.

A sample of courts to consider are listed below:

Grunewald Tennis Club
Flinsberger Platz 8-14,
030 825 3028

Internationaler Tennis-Club Berlin
Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 160A,
030 4170 4631

To find a court closest to you, visit


Ping Pong

If you are looking for something on a smaller scale, then perhaps table tennis is what you are seeking.

Stone ping pong tables are located throughout Berlin’s parks, although you will need to bring your own bat and ball, the tables are free and when the weather is fine, this is a great way to spend some time.

To find the closest table to you, check out

Or, if you are looking for something truly unique and very Berlin, take your table tennis bat and head down to Dr Pongs. Here you can enjoy some ping pong madness while having a few drink. Set up like someone’s garage, this funky little bar in Prenzlauer Ber doesn’t kick off until around midnight – but when it does, it’s a world of fun.

Dr Pong
EberswalderSt 21
Prenzlauer Berg



Swimming for fitness is a popular pastime, and there are many places in Berlin that will accommodate your needs – over 60 in fact. There are a number of different types of pools available throughout Berlin – pool halls, river baths and outdoor pools. Pools keep strict schedules for different swimmers of all ages and abilities – seniors, pregnant women, “fun” bathing (playing in the pool, as opposed to swimming laps), women only, and so on.

The German culture is such that bathing, sunbathing and swimming in the nude is not uncommon. There are scheduled times at pool centers, and specific areas where nudity is accepted, so check first to participate or avoid these times or places.



There is plenty on offer when it comes to Yoga within Berlin. From spiritual to sporty, there is something for everyone. The average price is around €15 for a class, and many studios offer reduced-price trial classes.

Some of the best locations in Berlin for yoga are:

Jablonskistr. 24, Prenzlauer Berg
Tel: 030 4431 0893
The teachers here speak good English and classes run for about two hours. You can purchase a casual class for €15; a four-class card for €50; and eight class card for €75; or an unlimited month pass for €100.

Bikram Yoga Berlin – Mitte
Neue Schönhasuer Str 19, Hinterhof 3, Mitte
Tel: 030 3087 8783
English classes are available. You can take a casual class for €15; a five-class card for €67; a ten-class card for €120; weeklies are €50; monthlies are €120. Class duration is two hours.

Sun Yoga – Bikram
Mehringdamm 33, Kreuzberg
Tel: 030 6956 5522
Be sure to bring your own mat and towel to avoid paying a €1.50 rental charge. Classes are €10 for 10days (first timers); 90min class for €15; or a monthly pass for €120.

Yoga Klub – Iyengar
Schönhauser Allee 29, Prenzlauer Berg
Tel: 030 2280 7599
English classes take place on a Wednesday evening at 19:00. Classes will cost you €12 for 90 min; 60 min for €9; four-class month pass €44; or ten-class month pass €70.

Sivananda Yoga Zentrum Berlin
Schmiljanstr 24, Friedenau
Tel: 030 8599 9789
While classes are mostly run in German, teachers will speak English for those that require it. Children’s classes are also available. On Tuesdays they offer a free trial for newcomers; casual rates are €14,50; five-class card is €59; ten-class card is €104; while a monthly card is only €97. Classes are 90 minutes long.

Käthe-Niederkirchnerstr. 12, Friedrichshain
Tel: 030 4208 1010
While classes aren’t English only, it is friendly to English-speakers. Classes will run for 90 min and you can expect to pay €8 for a trial class; €11 for casual classes; five-class card for €40; and private lessons will set you back €60.

Yogavidya Berlin
Rochstr 17 Mitte
Tel: 030 9700 5990
Not specifically English classes, however, translations are provided. 90-minute classes will cost €7 for a trial; €5 for meditation; €90 for a ten-class card; unlimited monthly access €60.

YogaCircle Berlin
Schliemannstr 22, Prenzlauer Berg
Tel: 030 2520 0915
This female-centric center provides translation for those who need it. Classes generally run for 90 min and cost €8 for a drop-in or €25 for four classes. They also provide classes for kids.

Spirit Yoga
RosenthalerStr 36, Mitte
Tel: 030 2790 8503
Goethestr 2 -3, Charlottenberg
English classes are run on Friday at 16:00 (Mitte), however, they will also translate during other classes if requested. Very child-friendly, this center provides pre and post-pregnancy classes. You can expect to pay €15 for a class, or €69 for five classes.


Soccer / Football

Being one of Berlin’s favorite sports, there is no shortage of football leagues to join. Whether you are looking for something indoors or outdoors, there are endless opportunities for you to get involved.

The Berlin Football Association is the official association with about 100,000 individual members playing for about 360 football clubs, its website is a good place to start the search for your local side.

There is only one English-speaking amateur club in Berlin. It has a strong pull in the ex-pat community both on and off the field. The club offers girls, boys and adult teams with training sessions once or twice a week. Games are played on the weekends and occasionally they participate in international tournaments.