Pharmacies Guide

Medication in Germany is among the most expensive in Europe. The law on prescriptions in Germany is very strict and many drugs that you can obtain freely in your home country may require a prescription in Germany.

While Germany is one of the largest produces of medications worldwide, this doesn’t mean that there is a world standard for drug names. In some cases, due to local medical control agencies, even drugs with the same name may have different ingredients and applications. It is always safest to obtain a prescription from a local doctor, rather than have the pharmacist convert your foreign prescription.

If you are covered with State Health insurance, a majority of the prescription costs are paid for directly by your insurance company. You will have to pay a small fee, of about €5 for each drug, depending on its cost (Zuzahlungspflicht).

Most pharmacies (Apotheke) close about 6:30 PM, but those located in large shopping centers close closer to 8:00 PM. At night, pharmacists offer an after-hours service 24/7 (Notdienst / Apothekennotdienst) on a rota basis. Times and locations should be on display in the window or by the door of every pharmacist, and in free local newspapers. After-hours pharmacies are always closed; you have to ring the bell and the pharmacist will communicate with you through a small window. There is an extra charge of a couple of Euro for using this service, and you’ll probably only be able to pay in cash.

Unlike large pharmacies that carry health and beauty aids, German pharmacies tend to carry a selection of only medicines and medical supplies; however, pharmacists often act as de facto doctors for minor ailments.

You will find someone who speaks English in most pharmacies.

The following is a list of pharmacies that cater to English-speaking customers.

Apotheke am Alexanderplatz
Otto-Braun-Strasse 70-72, Mitte
Tel: 030 242 5766

Apotheke am Asternplatz
Asternplatz 3, Steglitz.
Tel: 030 8410 9303

Apotheke im Park Centre
Park Centre Treptow, Am Treptower Park 14, Treptower
Tel: 030 5321 2201

Friedrichstrasse Station, Mitte
Tel: 030 2045 5100

Barbara Apotheke
Laden Strasse 9-10, Zehlendorf.
Tel: 030 813 7307

Oranienburger Strasse 51, Mitte.
Tel: 030 283 3530

Berolina Apotheke
Clayallee 345, Zehlendorf.
Tel: 030 809 9600

Dorotheenstaedtische Apotheke
Friedrichstrasse 151, Mitte.
Tel: 030 204 4817

Moltkestrasse 50, Steglitz.
Tel: 030 834 2139

Lortzing Apotheke
Hindenburgdamm 70, Steglitz.
Tel: 030 834 1098

Monbijou Apotheke
Oranienburger Strasse 69, Mitte.
Tel: 030 283 2962

Sundgau Apotheke
Berliner Strasse 43b, Zehlendorf.
Tel: 030 811 7588