Doctors and Hospitals Options in Berlin

Health care in Berlin is world class. Germany has solid medical care administered by educated professionals with state-of-the-art facilities.

To visit the doctor in Berlin, you first need to make an appointment by telephone. If your illness or accident needs immediate attention (acute), then you will be given an appointment immediately or on that same day. For other ailments you may have to wait several days or even weeks especially for specialists. You will find that in most clinics and hospitals there is someone who speaks English.

Most clinics are closed on Saturdays and only emergency services can be accessed on Sundays.

Should you need medical assistance in the middle of the night, on the weekend or a public holiday – emergency doctors will help you. To contact them, you will need to call your local surgery and listen to the answering machine for details. Normally the automated message will list the surgery hours and then give the name of the emergency doctor (locum). Alternatively you can contact your local hospital for assistance during out of surgery hours.

There are numerous Doctors and clinics throughout Berlin that are accustom to treating English-speaking patients. A list of these can be found within the ‘Best Facilities and Practitioners’ section of this guide.