Bordering nine different European countries and commanding an enviable position right in the centre of Europe, Germany is an economic and political powerhouse that drives the Eurozone and continually amazes the world with its striking achievements.

With a history that both horrifies and transfixes, there is no doubting the impact that this relatively small country has had on the rest of the world. Renowned for its outstanding contributions to music in the from of Beethoven and Bach, literature from the likes of Goethe, Schiller and the Brothers Grimm, and art from the German Renaissance painters Altdorfer and Lucas Cranach the Elder, this country certainly punches above its weight. In recent years Germany has grown to be one of the most important economies on the globe and is renowned for its engineering and technological capabilities. Yet, away from the highly-urbanized forward-thinking cities, one can also find a country that incorporates delightful picture-postcard towns, medieval villages, fascinating pagan-inspired local festivals, unique mountain pastures and fairy-tale castles.

Life in the cosmopolitan cities appear to almost throb with life and the numerous pubs, bars, cafes and discos integrate effortlessly with the multifaceted art, music, theater and literary scenes to offer the perfect mix of entertainment and cultural riches. As one of Europe’s most populous countries, Germany offers expatriates a diverse and cosmopolitan lifestyle that is packed full of personality and character. The standard of living is high and expatriates living here will benefit from good healthcare and education facilities, excellent shopping and leisure amenities, and a well-developed infrastructure.

Whether you’re an executive, a diplomat or an entrepreneur moving to Germany; whether you’re alone or with a family, our Expat Info Guides contain all the information you need to arrange visas, accommodation, transportation, phone and Internet service, bank accounts, and tell you everything you need to know to enjoy the richness and beauty country to the fullest.

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