Hospital admission process in Berlin

At all hospitals there will be staff on hand who will speak English and help in hospital admission process.

Scheduled Admittance

Each hospital and clinic will usually have their own procedure when it comes to scheduled inpatient admissions. A doctor or specialist is the only one who can authorise for a non-emergency inpatient admission. In most cases your doctor will take care of scheduling the procedure with a hospital who will then give you instructions on what to do prior to and on the day of admission. Make sure to contact your insurance company ahead of time to ensure that you have all of your paperwork in order.

Generally, for inpatient admissions the following documents are required:

  • Health insurance card
  • Current photo identification
  • Hospital admissions document (Krankenhaus-Einweisung)
  • Proof of coverage of costs and/or a stamped hospital admissions letter from your health insurance company


In the case of an emergency, there are numerous emergency rooms throughout Berlin. You don’t necessarily need to call in advance, however it would be advisable, if possible, so that the staff are prepared for your arrival. While it is best to arrive with your ID and health insurance card, should the emergency be such that these are not immediately present, you will still be seen and treated.


In most cases, for both scheduled admittances and emergencies, payment will be handled directly between the insurance company and the hospital. Alternatively, they will invoice you following your treatment and you will be required to pay via direct debit within the elected payment period.