Berlin preview


Telephone service, both landline and mobile, is reliable. The Berlin telephone book is published once a year and consists of a two-part residential directory (Das TelefonBuch - Berlin) and the Yellow Pages (Gelbe Seiten). It’s free, comes out every summer and is available at the post office and various supermarkets.


Deutsche Telekom (T-Com) is the national supplier for landline phones, they offer a €10 credit for paperless billing with direct debit of payments. (Free customer service number: Tel: 0800 330 1000)

The word for telephone connection is “Telefonanschluss”. T-Com requires one week’s notice if you’re moving from place to place. Their customer service is in English, very helpful, and first-time hook-ups as well as their other services are fast and efficient. Alternatively, you can order online. (German Only)

Depending on your package, you will pay between €17.95 - €29.95 per month for your landline. Package bundles can include internet, cheap long distance calls and mobiles. They can also arrange for the rental of a phone if you desire.

Mobile Phones

A mobile phone in Germany is called a “handy.” Mobile phones can be activated immediately upon purchase, and can be found both at mobile phone providers’ flagship stores or electronic stores that carry all brands of mobile phones.

The mobile phone providers in Germany are: