Internet Guide

Like the telecommunications industry, the internet market in Berlin is competitive, so be sure to research current offers before making a decision on which provider to use. Companies will offer a range of packages from discounted promotion rates, to phone and net bundles. Depending on the package and usage, prices range from €14.90 per month to get connected.

Connections are extremely fast and inexpensive. For a basic plan you will received 16,000kbit/s plus your modem and flat rate contract (unlimited).

Main Providers

  • Alice
    Alice offers DSL packages starting from €14,90 for 16,000Kbits (Flat rate).
  • Deutsche Telekom (T-Home)
    T-Home offer internet only contracts from €9,99 per month, speed determined by location.
  • Vodafone
    Vodafone offer a range of packages starting from €19.95 per month for 16,000Kbits (Flat rate).

Getting Connected

You can either go into a store, purchase online or over the phone. Berlin internet suppliers are notorious for being slow in getting you setup, between 4 days and 2 months, so be sure to make this one of your priorities the minute you have your new home.

Once you are signed up, you will receive your modem in the mail for self-installation. It is likely that they will send you two boxes to plug in, a Splitter and a Modem.

  1. Plug the Splitter into your house phone socket.
  2. Plug the phone back into the Splitter itself.
  3. Plug the Modem into the other socket in the Splitter.
  4. Plug your PC into the modem using the USB cable provided.

You will then need to load the software to link up your computer. This will all be in German, so if your language skills are shaky, ask a neighbour or friend to help. Otherwise, keep the dictionary handy.

Public Internet Access

There is free wireless at the Sony Centre and for an ISP, check out and

Dunkin Donuts has internet cafés associated with its store.

To find the nearest Internet cafe to you, visit