Newspapers and Media Guide

Local Newspapers

In Berlin you will find a good range of German newspapers and magazines on offer. Below is a list of some worthy options:

National German-language newspapers include:

  • Suddeutsche Zeitung – liberal, and highest circulation
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – conservative
  • Berliner Zeitung – center-left
  • Bild – tabloid, and largest circulation
  • Das Handelsblatt – financial news
  • Die Welt – conservative

Top magazines include:

  • Der Spiegel (in German and English) – weekly, general interest, worldwide repuation
  • Stern – weekly, general interest, snarky
  • Burda Mode – monthly, women’s fashion, includes patterns
  • Birgitte – monthly, popular women’s interest
  • Wirtschaftswoche – weekly, financial news
  • Bunte – weekly, women’s interest and celebrity gossip

International Newspapers

If your German isn’t up to tackling the above listed, most local newsstands will have a few English papers such as the International Herald Tribune, USA Today, The Economist, Time, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and Newsweek.

If you can’t fnd what you are looking for at your local store, then you will need to travel a little further a field such as airports, main train stations (such as Alexanderplatz and Hauptbahnhof), shopping malls, and big hotels. Here you will be able to get most mainstream magazines from the UK and the States.

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