Radio Guide

Radio remains a primary source of news for most Berliners and is usually switched on first thing in the morning to get an update on current affairs.

There are two different types of radio frequency in Berlin – AM and FM. Most people listen to FM (or UKW in German).

Popular radio stations based in Berlin include:

  • 87.9 Star FM – Rock music
  • 91.4 Berliner Rundfunk – Music, mixed format
  • 91.8 Power Radio – Music, mixed format
  • 93.1 InfoRadioBerl.-Brand.
  • 97.2 Blu FM – Dance music
  • 104.1 Motor FM – Music, mixed format
  • 104.6 RTL – Best of Modern Rock & Pop
  • 105.5 Spreeradio Trus Collection – Music, mixed format

Another station to keep an ear open for is NPR FM 104.1, this is America’s NPR, and is in English.