Travelling by taxi in Bangalore is the most convenient way of navigating the city. Typical yellow-top taxis are uncommon. It is more likely to find an auto rickshaw on the road, so if you wish to travel by taxi, it is best to call an agency directly. On Friday and Saturday nights call at least an hour in advance, though it is always best to provide ample leeway. except in the airport area, but there are a number of taxi services which can be contacted directly or through agencies, hotels and taxi stands, or flagged on the road.

In recent years, Bangalore has seen a clutch of private air-conditioned taxi services that can be booked by phone. These cabs are equipped with digital tamper-proof meters and GPS, and are very efficient and comfortable. They usually charge Rs 27 for the first kilometre and Rs. 20 for every kilometre after that, with a minimum charge of Rs 60 or 10km, depending on the company. Some taxi services also charge an additional 25% fee for nighttime service. Rounding up the fare slightly is an adequate tip, however if you asked the driver to wait for some time, adding 10% is appropriate.

Taxis can be easily identified by the large letters ‘TAXI’ and the name of the service company and their phone number advertised on the cab itself. Some also have lights on the top which denote that the cab is vacant (though this isn’t always the case).

Most drivers speak at least a little English and are generally very good with directions and taking you directly to your destination (unlike some auto rickshaw drivers).

Some reliable ‘call taxi’ services include:

For longer distances and/or several hours of service, try:

For airport service, Meru taxi is generally the best and most reliable.