The Bangalore metro, named Namma Metro, was inaugurated in 2011 and currently consists of two lines, the Purple Line, which runs east to west, and the Green Line, which runs north to south. The two lines intersect in the city center at the Kempegowda Station. Passengers may transfer trains using the same fare if they do not leave the paid area.

Passengers have the options of purchasing tokens or contactless Smart Cards which facilitate the Stored Value Tickets (Varshik) and Trip Tickets (Sanchar). Smart Cards cost 50 rupees and can be loaded at ticket counters and vending machines in metro stations and in some ATM’s. In the near future, it will be possible to top up the cards on line on the Bangalore Metro website.

  • Tokens are generally most suitable for casual travellers and are used as single journeys. Tokens range from 10-15 rupees per trip depending on the distance between stations.
  • Stored Value Tickets (Varshik) are used for performing multiple journeys. The stored value in the ticket decreases to the extent of journey performed. Varshik fare is discounted by 15% of the Token fare. Trips cost between 8.50-12.75 depending on the distance travelled.
  • Trip tickets (Sanchar) can be used for performing multiple journeys and is specially meant for regular commuters between two fixed stations. A bundle of trips can be loaded into the Card for travel within a fare zone and is discounted up to 10% of the Varshik fare. Fares begin at 80 rupees for 10 trips in the F1 (0-2 kilometers) fare zone and go up to 1150 rupees for 100 trips in the F4 (6 -7 kilometers) fare zone.

The metro is opened from 6am to 10pm and run every 10-15 minutes.

Metro etiquette dictates that children and the elderly has priority at the gates, when boarding the train and for seating. Keep belongings close to you and remain aware during the journey. Allow exiting passengers to get off of the train before entering.

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