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For most expats who come from a Western society, full-time household help is a fantasy come true. Household helpers in Bangalore can perform a variety of chores: mopping, sweeping, washing, cooking, and even look after your children. There are generally two types of domestic staff available in Bangalore: full-time help (who might also stay with you) and part-time help. If you are not used to having full-time help, you might find having an extra presence in the house an infringement of your privacy. Perhaps to start, try hiring one or more part-time helpers to assist you with your household chores.

The monthly salary for domestic help ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 12,000. Generally speaking, live-in help rates range between Rs 6000 - 12,000, while full-time (8-10 hours per day) charges slightly less. Typically paid holiday, daily transportation and meals, annual bonuses and healthcare bills (of the helper and their family) are also expected to be paid by a full-time employer. Compensation for part-time help starts at as low as Rs 500 per month for odd jobs like sweeping, laundry and washing dishes. Rates may be higher depending on competence level and language ability. Ask around about salar…

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