Public Transport Guide for Expats

A heavily congested city – travelling across Bangalore is often a patience-testing experience.

The city launched a metro system in 2011, it is also served adequately by government bus service, private taxis and auto-rickshaws (a three-wheeler ‘tuk-tuk’ type of vehicle), all of which are affordable alteratives for getting around. Since all these vehicles share the common road, there is no way to escape traffic. Being in a chauffeur-driven vehicle that affords the luxury of rolling up the windows, blasting the air conditioning and sitting back is the most comfortable option, should you be stuck traversing the city for an hour or more. If you live in the south, it can take up to three hours by road to reach the airport during rush ‘hour’ which stretches for several hours during the day. Sundays are the best days to move about the city.

Generally, buses are quite crowded though the service has significantly improved in recent years. Bus ‘stops’ and routes are rarely marked so it can be difficult at first to understand the system. Auto rickshaws are widely available and inexpensive, though some are more comfortable and tidy than others. They offer an easy way, however, to move about freely. Taxis often must be booked long in advance of travel, and often dislike short distance trips – sometimes cancelling upon booking. See the taxi section for the companies that are most reliable.