Bangalore Accommodation Options

Bangalore is the site of India’s biggest real estate explosion. The city has grown exponentially in the last ten years, bringing with it whole new residential areas and a wide choice of living options. A good number of Bangalore’s apartments and villas are brand new, featuring modern conveniences and luxury fittings. This also means that real estate in Bangalore is relatively expensive by Indian standards, and prices are on the rise. The older upmarket areas in the centre of the city have also seen a massive appreciation in value. However, all this means that there is a wide choice and finding an apartment or house is not very difficult. There are several real estate agencies that cater to expatriate rentals, and the real estate market, on the whole, is very dynamic, especially as the recent economic downturn did not hit India as badly as many other parts of the world.

If you are living in Bangalore for a limited amount of time, you are most likely best off opting for a newer apartment complex, which comes with a pool, gym, security, property manager and power back-up (as Bangalore has frequent power outages). Gated villa complexes also come with these conveniences. If you prefer an independent house, you might have to invest in a little bit of infrastructure, in terms of power back up, general maintenance, and security (this is advisable, for although Bangalore is not a dangerous city, burglaries and petty theft do happen). Older, more characterful houses do have charm, but the trade-off is on many modern conveniences which are often taken for granted in the western world but are relatively recent in the Indian housing scene.

At any rate, finding a house will not be a problem – like anywhere in the world, it is the question of finding one that meets all or most of your requirements and tastes that will take some searching. Finding a good real estate agent or relocation agency will ease the process and help you focus your search on finding a home that meets all your needs. Often, companies that request relocation, also have a handful of properties (that are sure to meet your standards), which they give to new transfers either for the whole contract period or until they can find their own home.