Private Transport Guide for Expats

Anyone who has ever been to Bangalore, even for a few hours, is quick to realise that the biggest problem of Bangalore is TRAFFIC. Driving around Bangalore is a chore. Traffic jams are order of the day, the pollution caused by all the congestion of poorly fitted vehicles can be a real drag and health concern. Add to this all the other obstacles of Indian roads, and it becomes clear why most people new to Bangalore prefer to hire a part- or full-time driver.

Most expats will find Indian roads overwhelmingly cluttered with cars, buses, tractors, dumpers, motorbikes, cycles, auto rickshaws, vans, people and also occasionally, cows and other animals. Vehicular traffic in Bangalore is dominated by two wheeler traffic (over 70 percent of the vehicles on the road are two wheelers), which adds to the general chaos.

Most expats prefer to have their personal cars driven by a hired driver, as it is very difficult for a foreigner to deal with the non-existent lanes and the busy traffic of the city. If you do have your own car or a company-provided one, or want to buy a car for personal use in Bangalore, it is recommended that you also hire the services of a driver.

In addition to a reprieve from driving in the crowded streets, you will get a knowledgeable guide to ferry you around the confusing streets of Bangalore. Perhaps your ‘expat package’ will provide you with a ‘perk’ of a chauffeur-driven car. However, it is also fairly easy to arrange for this yourself. The simplest way being to contact an agency that has already verified the driver’s background record, or to go through word-of-mouth recommendations from colleagues, friends or neighbours.

A driver’s salary is typically Rs 7,000 – 15,000, provided they use your car and you pay all other car related expenses, such as petrol fees and maintenance.

Driver-for-hire Agencies: