Bangalore Weekends Destinations Guide for Expats

  • Bangalore is very well-positioned for weekend trips, with several options ranging from wildlife sanctuaries and historic centres to vineyards and rolling hills of coffee and tea plantations. Even the beach is just an overnight train ride away. For 52 weekend escapes, be sure to pick up Outlook Traveller’s Weekend breaks from Bangalore’. Innovative Film City (Mysore Road): Bangalore’s version of Universal Studios (not on that scale, though), Innovative Film City is an amusement park located in Bidadi, about 50 kilometers outside Bangalore. Built in 2008, this theme park has attractions such as a wax museum, dinosaur museum, a special section called ‘Cartoon City’ for kids, a mirror maze, 4D movies and more. Tickets are expensive. You’ll have to shell out between Rs 300 – 1000 per person depending on the attraction you want to see. There are decent food courts where you can have your lunch or a snack. Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has opened a state of the art museum to the public. A number of aircraft and aero-engines are on display at the main hall with a video presentation on the development of propulsion systems and gas turbines. The place has actual size models of planes and helicopters and flight simulators! All this for a nominal fee. Its open on all days except Mondays from 9 am to 5 pm. The museum is located on HAL road on the way to Marathahalli from the airport, just a short drive away. The Bannerghatta National Park and Surrounding Area: Located 25 minutes south of Bangalore, the Bannerghatta Zoo is an interesting outing. The park also offers a one-day, one-night package (costs Rs1,100 per person) that includes staying in a tent or a log cabin, lunch on the day you arrive, dinner around a bonfire and then breakfast the day that you leave. The camp includes an exclusive sightseeing tour of the zoo, the safaris-a bear safari, a tiger and a lion safari, and an informative nature walk. http://www.bannerghattabiologicalpark.orgNrityagram Dance Village (on the Bangalore-Pune Highway, about 35km from Bangalore): Nrityagram Dance Village is a renowned centre for Indian dance training. Performances feature students as well as established artists. Organised tours of the facility include lecture-demonstrations designed to introduce you to Indian culture, life philosophy, and both Kathak and Odissi dance forms. A through-the-night dance and music festival is held in February; it attracts almost 30,000 spectators, so good seats are at a premium. You can stay the night at Taj Kuteeram, a boutique hotel situated in the beautiful countryside of Karnataka. Hills: Just a 45-minute drive to the north of the city, Karnataka’s vineyards grow. It’s a great spot for an afternoon picnic after wandering about on top of the hill with stunning views or stop in at one of the vineyards for a sip of local wine. Mysore: Known as the Imperial City of Palaces, Mysore is 140 Kilometers from Bangalore (2.5 hours by train) and is the erstwhile capital city of the Wodeyars. It has a quaint charm and enchants with its rich heritage, magnificent palaces, beautifully laid-out gardens, imposing buildings, broad shady avenues and sacred temples. Today Mysore is a vibrant city teeming with tourists and visitors. It is known the world over for its exotic sandalwood and rich silks. Its grand and imposing palaces, majestic temples, gardens leave an ever-lasting impression on the visitor. Though it could be visited all in one day, Mysore is a perfect weekend destination. Lalitha Mahal Palace and the Metropole both offer exquisite heritage properties to spend a night or two.