Car Insurance Guide

Basic Requirements

Whether you bring your car, rent one, or purchase one in Paris, it is required, by law, that you always have the following documents with you:

  • A valid driver’s license with an official French translation, if it is not a French license
  • The car’s registration (Certificat d’immatriculation)
  • If the car is more than four years old, a mechanical certificate (certificat de controle technique)
  • A proof of insurance sticker (vignette d’assurance) must be displayed inside the car windshield on the bottom right.
  • If you drive outside of France, an international proof of insurance
  • An accident report form to provide to your insurance company in case of an accident (constat amiable d’accident)
  • If it is a company car, a tax sticker for the current year (vignette) must be displayed inside the car windshield.
  • A triangular reflector distress signal
  • A reflective vest
  • Spare bulbs for all front and rear lights
  • Spare glasses if you are a contact lens wearer


All vehicles must be insured. The carte verte/certificate d’assurance (green insurance card) must be displayed inside the windshield along with an annual vignette (tax sticker) if you drive a company-owned vehicle. These can be bought at tabacs in November and must be in place by December 1.

Unlimited third-party coverage (au tiers) is the minimum insurance required by law, and coverage must be by a French or EU company. Au tiers limite includes third-party fire and theft. Tous risques is comprehensive insurance, but there are many more extensive options as well.

Generally, agents who handle home and health insurance, cover automobile as well. Policies run for one year and are generally renewed automatically Coverage and cost vary, so shop around.

  • Macif :, Phone numbers given based on your location
  • Eurofil:, (0 800 502 114)
  • MAAF:, 50, rue St-Placide 75006 (
  • MATMUT: http://www.matmut.fr02 35 03 68 68 Mon- Fri 8 – 6:30, Sat 9-5, 575 agencies throught France.
  • Allianz: (estimates by internet; only French).
  • AXA:
  • Alain Combelle, Assureur Conseil, 31, rue Houdan, 92330 Sceaux, ( This office works with a variety of insurance companies They will listen to your needs, advise you, and act as an intermediary between you and the company. English spoken.

Don’t hesitate asking your bank if they provide vehicle insurance. Most are happy to include this service as well as insurance for your home, civil responsibility, and more.