Paris preview


You could live a lifetime in Paris and not take advantage of all of the possibilities for amusement that the city holds. There are countless museums, shows, exhibits, recitals, and concerts. Entertainment abounds for every taste and budget. Tourists complain that they never have enough time to cram into their short stays the delights that Paris offers. On the other hand, residents sometimes take for granted the availability and accessibility of the many activities on hand. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to live and explore one of the cultural centers of the world at a leisurely pace…just don’t fall into the trap of saying “I live here, I’ll get to it…”

Planning Essentials

There are several guides and websites that list all of the happenings in Paris to help you plan your leisure activities. Most are in French, but are easy to understand and use. You can buy one of the copies at your local news kiosque or check their websites.