Paris preview


The French love their food. From casual, neighborhood bistrots to world-renowned restaurants of haute cuisine to a homemade dinner prepared with ingredients from one of the city’s sublime markets, gastronomy underlines the lives of Parisians. Whole conversations can rotate around where to find the city’s best baguette, which cheese store has the most thorough selection, or which brasserie serves the freshest steak tartare. Exploring this delectable aspect of Paris is one of the great advantages of living in the French capital.

Culinary Traditions

France is the home of one of the world's greatest cuisines, and has a rich and deservedly venerated culinary tradition. French dishes, ingredients and techniques are world famous and constitute some of the most sought-after food in the world. Yet it is not only in their Michelin-starred restaurants that the French excel in the kitchen, and one does not need reservations to eat well - even gloriously - in Paris. French home cooking, simple but refined, is the mainstay of many excellent restaurants. In fact, some of the most lauded French dishes - boeuf bourgi…