Paris preview


Paris is a wonderful place to grow up…there are glorious parks and museums have special education programs for children. Extra-curricular activities range from music to sports to art and are encouraged, often arranged, by both public and international schools. Children are encouraged to explore interests and develop aesthetic hobbies. The opportunities are endless, which ensures that each child has the possibility to pursue his or her individual interests.

As a general rule, Parisian parents are strict and children are well-behaved. They wait patiently in lines, stay off the grass in parks if it is en repose (resting), sit quietly in restaurants while their parents finish their meals and display all of the social graces that the Parisians treasure. However, children will be children and it is not uncommon to see a parent spank a misbehaving child in a park or restaurant. While this may be unsettling to some, it is quite ordinary. Expect sideway glances or downright stares if you have a child who has a temporary behavioral lapse in public.

There are many resources and publications available for mothers and children both in English and in French that will help ease the adjustment period of a new environment.

  • Message is an English-speaking support group for families with young children. They arrange meetings and events, cla…