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British Government Crackdown on Expat Winter Fuel Allowance: But Are Their Plans Legal

British expatriate pensioners who have exchanged the cold weather of the UK for warmer climes are to be prevented from claiming the Winter Fuel Allowance if George…. Read More

Expats Urged to Review Their Healthcare Coverage

Expatriates throughout the world are being encouraged to check that their current health insurance is adequate for their needs, after changes introduced in two…. Read More

Non-EU Expats May Be Granted Longer Stays in France

Immigration authorities in France are currently considering making amendments to the visa rules that are applied to non-EU expatriates. At present, people from outside…. Read More

France’s Holiday Home Tax Hike Impacts Expats Throughout the Region

France’s new Socialist government recently announced that they would be implementing tax increases on all expatriates who owned property in France. Last Wednesday…. Read More

Tokyo Returns to Top Spot in List of Most Expensive Cities in the World

After a brief respite, Tokyo has now returned to the top spot in a list of the most expensive cities in the world, while cities throughout Europe have become cheaper…. Read More

Expats Warned That French Inheritance Law Tax Changes Could Make Big Differences

Expats who own property in France and have plans to bequeath it to friends or family in their last will and testament have been warned that planned tax changes…. Read More

Expats Welcome Tax Treaty Between Hong Kong and France

Expats in France and Hong Kong are celebrating the news that a double taxation treaty has been put in place between the two countries. The 46-page agreement, which was…. Read More

The UK is Named as The Worst Place in Europe to Live

The latest quality of life index issued by consumer review business USwitch has named the UK and Ireland as the worst places in Europe to live. The research, which was…. Read More

Lyon Expat Exhibition: Saturday 25th September

The third annual “International Expat Expo” will be taking place on Saturday 26th September 2010 at the Hilton in Lyon from 11am to 6pm. The event, which aims to…. Read More

Sterling Shopping: How expatriates in France can reduce cost of living

Hundreds of expatriates living in France are turning back to their homeland to purchase their groceries according to UK based delivery firm Sterling Shopping…. Read More

France attracts new expat demographic

Historically the demographic for expatriates living and working in France consisted of retirees; people looking to spend their retirement years in the relative peace…. Read More

France tops quality of life index for the fifth year in a row

International Living magazine has named France as the best place in the world to live according to their latest survey. According to International Living’s Quality…. Read More

Buying property in France

This article discusses the top ten hints and tips for avoiding mistakes when purchasing your dream home in France. It is very well researched and is a must-read for anyone…. Read More