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Each person must determine his/her tax status at home and in France while living abroad. Some countries have bilateral agreements with France to avoid double taxation on earnings. EU countries have treaties by which there is no double taxation, but since French taxation is based on the length of annual residency, all people should make sure to check with their employer or the tax bureau in their home country to determine its domicile requirements.

British citizens with questions should visit

All Americans must file a federal tax return, although there is a tax exemption on income earned abroad. The IRS Office in Philadelphia provides international tax assistance, Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. +001 (267) 941-1000, (Mail Address: Internal Revenue Service, Philadelphia, Pa 19255-0725). You can also download information from the US Embassy in Paris website at

The French tax system is complicated and there are adjustments to it almost annually. Your company and your country’s embassy should be able to give you a list of qualified, English-speaking (or your native language) tax consultants in Paris. International firms are up-to-date on both Fre…