Other Taxes Guide Paris

The taxe d’habitation (habitation tax) is paid by all people resident in France on January 1. This tax is assessed according to the value of the property. Thus, more expensive apartments and neighborhoods have higher taxes.

If you buy a French television, you will automatically receive a yearly tax bill. In 2015, the TV tax per location, not per set, was 136 Euros. This supports the public television channels and is one reason why there are fewer commercials in France.

Local sales tax is 5.5% or 10% on food items, hotels, transports and more, and 19.6% for other goods and services, and is generally included in price tags in major stores. It is not applied to basic groceries or medicines that are reimborsed though the medical system.

There are inheritance, gift and wealth taxes as well which are briefly explained. These rates vary depending on many factors and it would be advisable to seek professional advice if you are liable for any of these taxes.