Newspapers and Media Guide Paris

French Newspapers

If you are comfortable getting your news in French, the two most popular daily French newspapers are Le Figaro ( and Le Monde ( The Saturday-Sunday edition of Le Monde features a weekend supplement of The New York Times, in English.

Local English-Language Newspapers / Newsletters / Newsmagazines

  • FUSAC is a biweekly print and online newsletter with lots of announcements and useful contact information:
  • Connexion is another monthly newspaper, geared strongly toward the Anglophone expatriate community:

International Newspapers

If your French is not yet proficient enough to read and understand the daily newspapers, there are many English-language newspapers and magazines available to you in Paris. The Economist, the Financial Times, the Guardian, The Independent, the International Herald Tribune, the Times of London, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and Time are all available at newsstands in European editions. Most are also free on the Internet. The International Herald Tribune offers home delivery in Paris and in some suburbs (toll-free customer service 00.800.

You can find international newsstands throughout Paris, especially in the areas visited by tourists. There are extensive selections of American and British magazines (and many other periodicals from foreign countries) at:

Most of the English language magazines and newspapers have gone online only. See the Websites for links to these news sources.