Radio Options in Paris

Listening to the radio is a wonderful way to improve or perfect your French, and if you’re commuting to work by car you might find it entertaining as well as informative. French radio stations broadcast in French, and at least 40% of the music played each hour must be French-language music.

Radio France is the home of seven different radio stations, each of which is specialized in a different area and may be listed to on the Internet: ( All frequencies listed are for the city of Paris; consult the online site should you require different frequencies.

France Inter – 87.8 – This is primarily a news channel, with regular broadcasts, magazine-style specials, and political round-tables, although all kinds of music are interspersed throughout the day.

France Info – 105.5 – This is strictly a news channel, with programs devoted to French news, sport news, weather reports, international news, the economy and politics.

France Bleu – 107.1 – The Parisian branch of France Bleu (which has dozens of regional affiliates) focuses on French and international pop, rock and jazz.

France Culture – 93.5 – As its name suggests, this station focuses on culture and art news, classical and world music, and thematic programs (Cuba, the Avignon Festival…)

France Musique – 91.7 – This is primarily focused on classical music

FIP – 105.1 – This station focuses on jazz, blues and world music and sponsors some incredible live concerts throughout France.

Le Mouv – 92.1 – This is the trendy, ‘young’ station of Radio France, focusing on contemporary rock and pop music from throughout the world, emphasizing Europe and the US.

Additionally, popular French radio networks include:

Europe 1 – 104.7 – Mainly news, cultural programs, and interviews as well as pop and jazz segments. (

NRJ – 100.3 – A very popular channel with contemporary hit music (mostly rock and pop) programming and popular concerts and music festivals. (

Nostalgie – 90.4 – Classic rock, golden oldies, and special programs focusing on certain decades or movements. (

Nova – 101.5 – A funky mix of Euro hits and modern rock.

RTL – 104.3 – News, sports, weather, special programs (health, politics, etc) and a rich play-list of contemporary, mainly French, music. (

Beur FM – 106.7 – A wonderful mix of traditional and contemporary music from North Africa and the Middle East. (

TSF Jazz – 89.9 – Jazz, jazz and jazz.

Radio Classique – 101.10 – Classical music.

For a complete list of radio stations available in your area, please consult the Radio Directory at Once you are on the website, enter your zipcode and you will be provided with a list of all of the radio stations and the correct frequency for your area.