Other Transport Guide


Tram stops are marked with a square white sign featuring a yellow circle with a green H.

Berlin has the largest tram network in Germany with thirteen tram and nine metro tram routes delivering passengers to 789 tram stops around the city. Most services are concentrated in the former eastern part of the city. Trams are clean, punctual, accessible and often offer more efficient service than buses, the S-Bahn or U-Bahn systems.

Trams have automated ticket machines on board, however these only take coins (there will always be a machine at the station that will take a note). You purchase your tickets from the yellow machine located inside the tram. There will be a sign to the left of the machine that explains in English the different fares available. When you purchase a ticket on board it will automatically be time stamped, so there is no need to validate it.

There are a number of different fares to consider in addition to reduced fare tickets are available for students and pensioners:

  • A single fare – valid for 2 hours – €2.10
  • A daily ticket – valid until 3am the next morning – €6.10
  • A short distance – valid for 3 train stops (changes allowed) or 6 tram/bus stops (changes not allowed) – €1.30

Weekly and monthly tickets are available for purchase at the train station machines and/or the information desk at larger stations (for example Alexanderplatz).

If you are traveling with your bike, you will also need to purchase a ticket for this.

You will find city and transportation maps both on the trams and at the tram stops. For more information including route planners, maps and additional fare information, visit the Deutsche Bahn interactive website http://bahn.de, available in English.


With less than 50% of people in Berlin owning a car, cycling is the main form of transport. Riders have access to 390 miles/630 km of bike paths with designated street lanes, independent bike paths, traffic signals and bike maps, with around 500,000 daily riders account for 13% of total traffic.

Bbbike.org offer a great online map resource to help you navigate from A to B throughout Berlinhttp://www.bbbike.org/cgi/berlin.cgi