Wine and Spirits Guide

German’s are renowned the world over for their beer, in fact there are between 5,000 to 6,000 types of wine and spirits produced throughout the country. Given the volume of local produce, imported beers can be harder to find.

The main categories of beer are:

  • Alkoholfreiesbier: Non-alcoholic beer
  • Bier vom Fass: Draught beer
  • Bockbier: Bock beer (dark and strong)
  • Dosenbier: Can of beer
  • Dunkles Bier: Brown ale
  • Flaschenbier: Bottle of beer
  • Hefeweizen: Wheat beer with yeast
  • Helles Bier: Lager beer
  • Pils (Pilsener): A light beer
  • Weizenbier: Wheat beer

While beer is definitely the dominant drink of choice, Germany is also highly regarded for its wines, in particular Riesling. Over 80 percent of the wine produced in Germany is white wine. In addition to Riesling, Germans also produce a number of sparkling whites; Sekt and Prosecco. Red wines are not common, however those that are produced are mostly consumed locally. The most common variety is the Spätburgunder–a velvety, full-bodied wine.

The cost of alcohol in Berlin is inexpensive. A crate of 20 0,5l beers will costs about €10 while you can pick up a decent bottle of wine for around €6. Alcohol can be purchase in all grocery outlets, take away restaurants and convenience stores. Specialty wine stores do exist, however they are rare.

These stores provide an excellent selection of local and international wines and knowledgeable service:

The legal drinking age in Germany is 16 yr old.