Supermarket Chains Guide

Large Chains

Throughout Berlin there are a number of discount grocers. While the range of products may be limited in comparison to the more expensive supermarkets, you will find most things you need; fruit and vegetables, pantry items, dairy section, frozen foods, drinks including alcohol, meats and pre-packaged deli goods. Prices within these stores can be up to 10% cheaper.

Main Chains

There are also a number of more comprehensive supermarket chains throughout Berlin, providing a generous range of choice including an impressive range of bio/organic produce and limited international selections. For imported items, it is best to rely on specialty stores (see the “Specialized Stores” section). Prices are marginally sacrificed for quality and variety.

This supermarket specialises in bio produce and products. The range is extensive.

Worth Noting

  • Stores will charge for bags, and there are no baggers, so arrive prepared.
  • Stores usually won’t accept credit cards.