Bakery Guide in Berlin

Berliners love their bread and to meet the demand it would be fair to say that there is a bakery on every block. While finding fresh bread isn’t a challenge, deciding which loaf to take home can be. The range of breads to choose from is extensive, from crusty white through hefty, seed-laden loaves; there is something for every palate and dietary requirement.

Common Breads

Bread in German is called Brot, while bread rolls are called Brötchen. The most common breads that you will come across are as follows:

  • Multi-grain – Mehrkornbrot
  • Onion bread – Zwiebelbrot
  • Pumpkin seed – Kürbiskernbrot
  • Rye – Roggenbrot
  • Rye-wheat – Roggenmischbrot
  • Sunflower seed – Sonnenblumenkernbrot
  • Toast bread – Toastbrot
  • Wheat-rye – Weizenmischbrot
  • White bread – Weißbrot / Weissbrot
  • Whole-grain – Vollkornbrot


While there are a lot of independently run stores, one of the biggest chains is Kamps ( Opening hours will vary. However, most are open from 7:00 to 22:00 seven days a week:

The following supermarket chains also have a fresh bakery section:

Bio Frische Markt
Offers a wonderful range of bio and organic baked goods.

Offers a great range of breads and pastries.

Note: Supermarket Chain Bakeries are closed on Sundays.


Throughout Berlin there are a number of superb bakeries that should you have the chance, you must visit. These include:

Beumer & Lutum
Curvystrasse 22, Kreuzberg
Tel:030 612 3119

Pannierstr 56 , Neukölln
These guys make the best croissants outside of Paris. Fresh from the oven, these pastries will melt in your mouth.

Mehlitzstr 7, Wilmersdorf
Tel: 030 873 8099
Baking bread since the 1976, this beautiful bakery is home to some of the best organic flour and natural leavens you will ever sample. A place for the serious lover of bread.

BioBackHaus Leib
Bahnhof Friedrichstr, Mitte
Voted as Berlin’s best bakery. This bakery has multiple locations throughout Berlin, with the most central being at Friedrichstr station. Here you will find a range of wonderful breads.

Bäckerei Siebert
Schönfließerstr 12, Prenzlauer Berg
This little place is a favourite amongst the locals, not only for a great loaf of bread, but they also put on a great breakfast (Frühstück). This establishment is one of Berlin’s oldest bakeries.