Clothing Stores in Bangalore

An expat’s wardrobe would not be complete without a visit to both Fabindia and Anokhi.


With over a hundred retail stores now in India, and 12 outlets in Bangalore, Fabindia is difficult to miss. Fabindia offers the best selection of mid-range and exquisite textiles with both an Indian tradition and western flair. With a wide range of styles for men, women and children, both casual and formal ware, Fabindia should be any expat’s first shopping stop. They have also developed home furnishing, furniture and food product lines.


Similar to Fabindia, though specialized in block printing, Anokhi has a lovely range of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as home furnishings, such as bed and table linen. With two locations in Bangalore, one on Sankey Rd and the other on Airport Road in the Leela Galleria.


The home of the silk sari, as well as gorgeous textiles, Nalli is a must visit for any textile enthusiast. There are two locations in Bangalore; M.G. Road is the main Bangalore outlet.

Though various western and Indian fashion labels can be found in shopping malls and main shopping districts, having clothes tailor-made is also a popular option since Bangalore is home to wonderful textiles (as can be found at Nalli). When seeking a tailor in your area, it is best to go by personal recommendations. Also be sure to specify if the clothing is for a woman, as many men tailors only do men’s clothing