Appliances, Electronics and Hardware Stores in Bangalore

Bangalore offers a range of electronics – both Indian-made and imported. Generally, imported goods are considered to be of better quality (and carry heftier price tags), however, warranties are often matched and local maintenance services are generally better than that of foreign companies. Samsung, LG and Sony are widely available at typically 25% more than a locally-made item with similar features.

Croma (Eva Mall; various locations) is India’s “electronics megastore”, which offers the widest range of electronics from computer parts and hair dryers to air conditioners and washing machines, along with a knowledge staff and large modern showroom.

Modern World (MG Road; Old Airport Road) is one of Bangalore’s oldest electronics shops, and has a knowledgeable staff. They sell most major brands of televisions, music systems, cameras and phones.

Metro offers wholesale prices on electronics to business owners. Memberships can be applied for at the time of purchase by completing an application, presenting a copy of your business license and showing photo ID.

India does not have much of a do-it-yourself culture so hardware stores are small, stock scattered and locations are centered around SP Road and Commercial Street. These two streets host bargain markets for appliances, electronics and parts spread across various stalls and hole-in-the-wall shops.