New York City preview


New York City is a city where space is in short supply, especially in the borough of Manhattan whose landscape is dominated by high rises. The majority of the residents who live in this borough tend to live in apartments unless they are affluent enough to afford a townhouse. These townhouses are priced in the millions and are usually the abodes of the rich and famous of New York City.

The rest of the people live in apartments which tend to be quite small and range from one bedroom to two and three bedroom dwellings. In the outer boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island, where more space is available, the real estate landscape changes to include small wooden framed homes and old world town houses. This real estate configuration affects the choices that New Yorkers make with regard to the interior décor of their homes.

In a city where anything goes, all styles of décor are adopted by residents and range from spare, minimalist styles which are a favorite with single people who tend to use their apartments only as places to sleep in, to overstuffed, cluttered abodes where old timers dwell.

The size of a dwelling generally dictates the kind of furniture choice that a person makes in New York City especially in Manhattan where space is precious and every square foot has to be used. As a result, cupboard organization systems like those which are custom bu…

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