Part time and full time housekeepers are a common feature in New York, especially in Manhattan. The affluent who can afford a housekeeper or even a nanny pay approximately $650 a week as wages for this kind of domestic help. Part-time housekeepers are generally paid between $17- $20 an hour.

Housekeepers and nannies are expected to work approximately 55 hours a week and generally work from Monday to Friday or from Tuesday to Saturday as they are expected to have two days off in a week. Most people prefer to employ housekeepers or nannies, who have a legal status i.e. who have the right to work in the US. However these employers are expected to pay taxes and benefits on behalf of their domestic help. The IRS requires these employers to file payroll taxes for any domestic staff that receives more than $1700 (2009) cash wages in a calendar year. This tax is popularly known as Nanny Tax though many employers also employ these nannies and housekeepers ‘off the books’.

The immensely popular classifieds site is a much used source for housekeepers and nannies in New York City but many people also like to source staff through a recognized agency.

Some of the licensed agencies that supply domestic staffs in New York City are:

Easy City Living (
420 Lexington Avenue
Suite 1712
New York NY 10170
Phone: +1 212 599 3195

Pavillion Agency (
15 East 40th Street
Suite 400
New York NY, 10016
Phone :+ 1 212 8896609

Best Domestic Placement (
Phone: +1 212 683 3112.

NYC Nanny Finder
20 West 20th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011
Phone :+1 646 6602401

Agency fees and placement fees differ from agency to agency.

Sites like and additional sources for finding domestic help like nannies and housekeepers in New York City.