New York City’s electrical system like that in the rest of the USA conform to the system of 110 volts and chances are that if you are moving to New York City , you will have to invest in new appliances unless your current appliances and electronics are compatible with this voltage. Voltage adapters are fine for things like cell phones and laptops but they cannot be used for devices like TV’s, kitchen appliances and the like. So when you move to New York City, you might have to invest in an entire new set for the duration of your stay.

The good news is that the choice of electronics and appliances that is available in New York City, like everything else is mind boggling, with new models being launched almost every day. As with all other products, these appliances and electronics are soon discounted heavily in an effort to shift inventory as soon as new models are launched, so if you wait for the right time to buy an appliance you can actually score great bargains for products which are priced quite high initially. In fact, it is a well known fact that items like the highly-coveted flat screen TVs usually go on sale around the time of the Super Bowl (an American football championship) in February and during the Christmas holidays and items like laptops and computers are available at great discounts during the back to school sales in August.

All of these stores have several outlets all over New York City and offer facilities like online shopping and home delivery as well.

  • P.C. Richard & Sons, PC Richards offers a wide range of electronics like TVs, cameras, home systems and even kitchen appliances.
    Upper West Side,
    273, Broadway,
    Phone: +1 212 579 5200.
  • Best Buy, Best Buy offers a wide range of TVs, music systems, cameras, computers, laptops and home appliances.
    1280, Lexington Avenue,
    New York, NY 10028
    Phone: +1 917-492-8870
  • J&R World, JR has one of the biggest ranges of electronics in New York City and it offers TVs, music systems and players, cameras, computers, home appliances and much more.
    23 Park Row
    New York, NY 10038
    (across from City Hall Park)
    Phone: +1 212 2389000
    Fax: + 1212 238 9191
  • Bed Bath and Beyond, Bed Bath and Beyond has an excellent returns policy and offers a good range of home and kichen appliances.
    620, Sixth Avenue, Between 18th and 19th Streets,
    New York, NY 10011,
    Phone:+1 212 255 3550
  • Home Depot – The prime location for buying Hardware in New York City is at one of the many stores of the Home Depot chain.
    40 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010
    +1 212 929 9571
    Home Depot is the place to go to for all sorts of fittings and fixtures for a home. The store has a huge inventory of bathroom and kichen fittings as well as electronic appliances like vacuums, refrigerators,freezers, microwave ovens etc.

Appliances and electronics are also available at the ‘Home’ departments of regular department stores like Macys and Bloomingdales.

Membership clubs

Shoppers clubs like Costco also retail appliances and electronics, but in order to be able to shop here you have to first become a member by paying an annual subscription. There is no Costco yet in Manhattan (though it is said the retailing giant will open at a location on 125th street in late 2009) but it does have a presence in the outer boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.