New York City preview


The Namesake –Jhumpa Lahiri (Fiction)

This book, which has been made into a highly acclaimed movie, tells the tale of a South Asian family that moves to the East Coast of USA from Calcutta in India. The story spans a period of thirty years as it touches on the various issues that the young immigrant couple, Ashima and Ashok faces as they go about creating a new life for themselves and their children in the land of endless opportunity. The death of a parent in the home country, the first visit home with American born and raised children are all issues that continue to be relevant until today.

Gone to New York by Ian Frazier (Non-Fiction)

Gone to New York is an expose on New York City which is written in the form of a series of personal essays by the humorous author, Ian Frazier. These stories which are arranged chronologically over a period of thirty years from 1975 to 2005 bring the city to life as they give detailed descriptions of neighborhoods (like Chinatown where the author himself spent some years) bars, shops, characters and incidences.

Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston (Fiction)

Bed Rest provides a valuable insight into the lives of busy, workaholic New Yorkers as it tells the tale of a high powered corporate attorney who is confined to her bed due to pregnancy complications. Quinn or Q as she is affectionately known is bored to tears as she initially misses the hustle and bustle of her busy life. From the confines of her couch, however, she soon gets involved in a neighbor’s struggle to save her rent stabilized apartment and this act almost jeopardizes her own marriage. It also makes her realize that her job which, like most New Yorkers, she previously thought defined her is not all what it is cut out to be. The novel also highlights the sense of loneliness that you might experience while living in an apartmen…

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