Most of the international and national brands clothing stores have a presence in New York City. These brands have outlets scattered all throughout the city and in order to find a store located close to you, click on the store locator tab which can be found on all the websites of these stores. Additionally most of these stores also offer online shopping which is a big shopping trend in New York City.

Chain Stores

Discount Stores

Discount stores are a popular feature that feature on New York City’s retail scene. Some of the popular chain discount retailers located here are:

  • Daffys – Apparel and lifestyle products for all the family.
  • Filenes Basement Stores – ( – Discounted apparel for Men and Women as well as accessories and fragrances.
  • DSW ( – Discounted footwear for Men and Women.

Sample Sales, Designer Resale and Charity Shops

Yet another source for bargain shopping in New York City are the many designer sample sales which take place weekly at several locations all over the city. A listing of these sales is always available in the latest issue of New York Magazine ( Other websites like the Daily Candy (, which requires a registration, also provide these sample sales listings. The only downside of shopping at these sample sales is that you have to know your correct size in the brand that is advertising its sample sale as often there are no fitting room facilities at the sales. Another point to bear in mind is that these sales often don’t have a return policy and prefer cash only transactions.

Designer Resale is also big business in New York City and many of the city’s main designer resale stores are located in the Upper East Side. Stores like Tatianas and Designer Resale Consignment ( are extremely popular with shoppers who want designer apparel at bargain prices.

Charity shops like the Housing Works Stores ( and the Spence Chapin thrift stores ( are also popular with bargain hunters who use them to shop for apparel and even furniture and lifestyle products.

Further, New Yorkers also shop at the many independant boutiques that are to be found all over the city but are too numerous to list here.


Tailoring and alteration services are available at all dry cleaner’s outlets in New York City. These services can be quite expensive and range from $10 upwards for a simple hem.

If you need major alterations on a garment you could save yourself major expense by heading to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This area, which was once the city’s original bargain district, was also home to the city’s first immigrants though now is undergoing rapid gentrification. However, some establishments of the old neighborhood have managed to resist this gentrification and continue to survive until today. These establishments are the tailoring shops which offer on the spot alterations at reasonable rates. Listed below are some of these tailor’s shops which are run largely by immigrants that continue to offer reasonable tailoring services in New York City.

  • Felix Tailor Shop – 97, Rivington Street, Phone:+ 1 212 420 9775
  • Stanton Tailor Shop – 90 Stanton Street, Phone:+1 212 353 9753
  • Express Tailor Shop – 92 Rivington Street, Phone:+1 212 674 7341