Supermarkets Chains in Hong Kong:


Supermarkets in Hong Kong are much smaller and cramped than those in the West and it takes some time to get used to the fact that you may need to visit two or three different stores in order to find everything on your list. The choice is really quite limited and while some do stock Western foods and products, these are quite expensive and low in numbers.

Hong Kong has two major supermarket chains; Wellcome and ParknShop, both of which offer the convenience of a wide range of products and fresh produce all under one roof. They both offer fresh produce, frozen food, household items and other products under local and own-label brands and, depending on the location, a variety of imported brands.

Wellcome, the larger of the two chains, operates more than 250 stores throughout the city, including 20 24-hour stores which are known as Super Stores. Wellcome additionally owns and operates the high-end grocery chains MarketPlace by Jason, the 360 organic and natural food store and the expat favorite, Oliver’s Delicatessen which is located in the Prince’s building in Central.

Park n Shop, which has more than 260 stores, offers similar merchandise though it also carries a slightly wider range of imported products as well. Park n Shop additionally operates other grocery stores chains that are distinctly more up market in their offerings as they carry a wide range of imported produce, products and foods and wines. These stores also have in-house bakeries and prepared food counters that are especially popular with the lunch time crowds. Park n Shop’s up market brands include the Taste and International and Fusion stores along with Gourmet Store at Lee Gardens in Causeway Bay and The Great Food Hall in Pacific Place.

Both chains also have well-designed websites in English for those who prefer to do their grocery shopping online. Whether you shop online or at the supermarkets, you can get your groceries delivered to your home for free as long as you spend a minimum amount, usually between HK$400 and $500.

Both these supermarket chains have their own loyalty card systems with the Wellcome stores offering a loyalty card system that is linked with the MTR’s popular stored value card – The Octopus card ( The Park n Shop stores operate their own Money Back card ( that allow you to earn points which you can redeem for gifts, rebates and even exchange for Asia Miles which is the frequent flyer plan operated by Cathay Pacific Airways (the national carrier of Hong Kong).

Aside from the main Park n Shop and Wellcome chains, Hong Kong also hosts the Vanguard China Resources chain of supermarkets. The Vanguard supermarkets specialize in fresh produce, and other products that hail from the mainland. The prices at the Vanguard supermarkets are lower than those at Wellcome or Park n Shop though these stores are not usually patronized by expats.

City Super is a gourmet international supermarket chain that offers foods from all over the world. Their stores are very popular with expatriates who are looking for familiar foods from home but groceries from these stores are very expensive.

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Convenience Stores

Hong Kong hosts the popular US based convenience store chains 7-11 and Circle K. Both of these convenience store chains operate numerous outlets all over Hong Kong and sell drinks including alcoholic beverages, snacks, candy, news papers, charge cards for prepaid mobile phone accounts, phone cards, top-ups for the Octopus card and much other general merchandise. 7-11 even accept payments for mobile and utility bills.

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