Veterinaries in Bangalore

  • There are several highly qualified vets in Bangalore, most of whom speak fluent English. Vets typically have a practice, as well as make home visits. Most vets offer their mobile number, which allows you to reach him/her in case of any emergency.Dr. Amarnath [Phone: 080 2528-2353, Mobile: 9845042353] is a highly recommended vet with a clinic, Amarpets Medical Centre (Church Street) He also has his own stock of food, diet food, shampoos, and more that you might not normally get in the market, or that is best suited for your pet. He can be contacted prior to your pet’s arrival into the country.You may also wish to subscribe to Dogs & Pups, an online magazine for dog lovers in India, for latest news and services for your dog. of the other recommended vets you can contact based on your location are:
    • Dr. B.C. Ramakrishna [Phone: 080 2553-2636, Mobile: 9845637946]
    • Dr. Srikanth [Phone: 080 2669-0232, 9844057919]
    • The General Veterinary Clinic (Indira Nagar)
    • CUPA Animal Care Clinic (24-hour) (RT Nagar)
    • AD Vet Clinic (Nagasandra) [Phone: 080 2372-9969]
    • Dr. R. Sampath Kumar (Jayanagar) [Phone: 080 2660-8668]
    • ANV Veterinary Clinic (Thomas Town) [Phone: 080 2544-9057]
    • Blue Cross Vet Polyclinic (24-hour) (Koramangala) [Phone: 080 4121-7299]