Facilities for pets in Bangalore

  • Bangalore is a fairly pet friendly place, though having a pet is an emerging trend. Few official rules exist, however, it is a good idea to keep your pet on a leash when using public spaces, including in your apartment complex, as many Indians are afraid of dogs. Stray street dogs are generally friendly, however, they can sometimes be aggressive with other dogs when on ‘their’ territory. Yelling and/or pretending to throw a rock at any unfriendly dogs generally quickly dissuades any further aggression.


    Registering your dog in Bangalore is officially required as of 2000, however, less than 10% of Bangalore’s pet dogs actually have been (nor any of the 200,000 strays). The process, said to be straightforward, has caused much confusion thus leaving the majority of pets unregistered to date. In theory, a dog-owner is to walk into any BBMP office, find the health officer and present him/her with the dog’s vaccination certificates in order to obtain a license, which is said to cost Rs 200 and be presented immediately. You can refer to the BBMP’s official website (http://bbmp.gov.in/) for your nearest office address, however, no mention of pet registry is mentioned on their site. Ask your local vet what they recommend, and he/she will likely to tell you not to bother.

    Pet Kennels

    Leaving one’s pet behind can be a worrying experience for both the pet as well as the owner. Most people with pets in Bangalore opt to leave their pet at home with domestic help caring for it. However, the city also has several pet shelters that can take good care of your pets while you are away and make the separation a less traumatic experience.

    • Yashbans Kennels (Kyalasanahalli) [Phone: 2846 5321] (http://www.yashbans.com) A high-end boarding kennel featuring luxury air-conditioned rooms with individual play area and around the clock veterinary assistance. It also home to India’s first state-of-the-art Pet Grooming Parlour with professionally qualified Pet Groomers offering hair cutting, oil massage, show grooming, tick and flea control, and birthday parties for pets.
    • Karuna Animal Welfare Association (Hebbal) [Phone: 2431-1181] http://www.karunaanimalwelfare.org/
    • Compassion Unlimited Plus Action-CUPA (Hebbal) [Phone: 2294-7300) http://www.cupabangalore.org/

    Pet Shops

    Pet shops in Bangalore sell a wide variety of pet food (both imported and locally produced), toys, and grooming products as well as accessories such as beds, leads, toys and treats. Some of the better stocked stores are:

    • Paws – the Pet Store (Richmond Town) (Phone: 4131-7297)
    • Glenands (three branches: Church Street, Indiranagar, Koramangala) [Phone: 2558-6932] http://www.glenands.com/
    • Pet Planet (Shivaji Nagar) [Phone: 4123-9909]
    • Gokul Pet Clinic & Lab (Mathikere) [Phone: 2347-4479, Mobile: 98441-17064]
    • Flenands (MG Road) [Phone: 4112-1578]

    Pet Grooming

    Pet grooming has become a well-developed service in Bangalore. Most kennels offer such services, as well as a couple of other reputable ones, including:

    Pet Food

    Dog and cat food brands like Pedigree and Whiskas are easily available all over Bangalore. Several Veterinary Surgeons also sell pet food and pet accessories along with animal health pharmaceutical products from their clinics. You may also wish to serve your pet filtered drinking water (instead of tap). Ensure your pet is de-wormed a few times a year and is vaccinated annually.

    If your pooch has a taste for something fresh for every meal, you can treat him to gourmet doggy meals prepared and home delivered by:

    • Wet Pets (Infantry Road) [Phone: 4151-7946] http://www.wetpetsindia.com/
    • Alpha (Kammanahalli) [Phone: 4173-6046]
    • Pet Post (Sadashiv Nagar) [Phone: 2361-7135]
    • Pet Care (Yelahanka) [Phone: 2846-1241]

    Apart from the above, many other people also serve fresh doggy food or you or your domestic staff can prepare it yourself in-house. Many pets in India are served rice-based meals, so be sure to specify your pets food requirements and ease your pet slowly into dietary shifts.

    For a complete list of pet shops in Bangalore, you can refer to http://www.indiacom.com/yellow-pages/pet-shops/Bangalore/