To bring your pet with you to Bangalore, it is easiest to go through a pet importing agency since it can be a frustrating process.

Since rabies is still prevalent in India, it is possible that your dog could be subjected to six-month quarantine upon entry to India and also upon return to your home country. To avoid such hassles, it is best to have vets established in both Bangalore and your home city, or an agency, to help guide you through the shifting process with the necessary paperwork in place. To bring your pet to India, the airline may require that you present a veterinary certificate and/or a letter from a veterinary surgeon met 48 hours prior to departure stating the animal’s good health and ability to travel.

In December 2008, the Indian government notified that all pets entering into India must be issued a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE (NOC) from the ANIMAL QUARANTINE STATION in India, prior to landing into India. This document takes about 5 working days to obtain.

Documents required prior to obtaining this document are (to be sent in copy to India):

  • All vaccination records of the pet (including recent anti-rabies shot)
  • Government issued veterinary certificate from the exporting country (for example, the USDA document with the Annexure I/II in case of USA)
  • Flight details / confirmation of the passenger’s travel into India / Copy of the airway bill

Your local clearing agent in India must obtain the NOC from the Animal Quarantine Station in India. It is required to be obtained in person and cannot be applied for online. The NOC is sent to the shipper by fax or a scanned copy by email. The original must be presented to the airline in India at the port of entry of the pet before the pet has been loaded in the other country. If the pet is coming accompanied, the owner of the pet must carry the NOC.

On arrival in India, all the certificates must be shown to the Customs Officer to allow entry to your animal. It is often a good idea to have a vet at the airport to clear the pet into the country. (See the veterinarian section for vets in Bangalore.)

Animal Quarantine & Certification Services (AQCS) offices are in the following four cites of India:

  • Animal Quarantine and Certification Service Station, Chennai, 83, Pallikkaranai, Phone: 044-2246 0659.
  • Animal Quarantine and Certification Service Station, New Delhi, Kapashera, Phone: 011-2506 3272; Fax No.: 011-2506 0647
  • Animal Quarantine and Certification Service Station, Kolkatta, Phone: 033-2573 9777
  • Animal Quarantine and Certification Service Station, Mumbai, Koperkhairane, Sector-11, Navi Mumbai , Phone: 022-2755 2021.

Some reliable agencies that handle bringing pets to India include: