Supermarket Chains Guide for Expats

All of the below supermarket chains sell standard imported items, such as pasta, sauces, olives, etc., as well as Indian staples, such as rice, flour and lentils. These stores all charge about the same prices, and imported goods are significantly more costly than local products. Tropicana Orange Juice will cost you Rs 100 in a shop, whereas you can buy freshly pressed juice at a restaurant for Rs 20.

India in general doesn’t offer much of a ‘convenience store’ culture, however, there are little hole-in-the-wall grocers in almost every neighbourhood that will stock basic food items.

Store Location What they sell
Namdhari’s Fresh Many locations across Bangalore Nice vegetables (pesticide-free) and baked goods, ‘salad bar’, organic section, and selection of imported goods. They also have their own brand of food products and grow their own vegetables on the outskirts of Bangalore.
Spencer’s Many locations across Bangalore A large grocery chain that sells the standard Indian and imported food staples and household items.
Food World Many locations across Bangalore Similar items as Spencer’s.
Nilgiris Many locations across Bangalore One of the bigger grocery chains that carries both Indian food staples, as well as a large array of imported food items. Nice vegetables, cheeses and tough to find products like couscous. They also sell household goods.
Reliance Fresh Many locations across Bangalore
Mostly Indian staple items and generic imported goods.
Thom’s Cafe Wheeler Road (Frazertown) Good selection of fresh vegetables, imported items and bakery on location. They also have a great supply of wine, beer and spirits. Fruit stall outside too.